HR Management System

Emspaced HRMS transforms HR tasks with three key values : Simplification, Automation, and Empowerment. Our platform turns complex HR activities into straightforward processes, automates time-consuming tasks, and empowers your team to focus on what truly matters—growth and engagement.

Our Emspaced HR Management System

Employee Lifecycle Management

  • Talent Acquisition & Onboarding: Monitors hiring progress and seamlessly assigns onboarding tasks to new hires, ensuring a smooth integration into the team
  • Recognition: Celebrate achievements and milestones to boost morale and engagement.
  • Performance Management: Track and support employee performance with clear goals and regular feedback
  • Exit Management: Efficiently processes exit requests and maintains up-to-date employee records, ensuring a seamless transition

HR Core

  • Employee Database: Centralises all employee information for easy access and management.
  • Leave Management: Simplifies the leave application and
    approval process.
  • Attendance Monitoring: Tracks employee attendance with
    real-time updates.
  • Claims Management: Manages expense claims efficiently,
    ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Payroll Management: Automates payroll processes for
    timely and accurate salary disbursement.
  • Travel Requests: Streamlines travel approvals and
    expense tracking for business trips.

learning & Development

  • Training Request Management: Empowers employees to
    proactively shape their professional growth by submitting
    requests for relevant training courses

Operational Efficiency

  • Job Scheduling: Allocate resources & manages schedules with visual planning tools.
  • HR Reporting: Gain insights with customisable reports on
    workforce analytics
  • HR Documentation: Generates necessary HR documents

Employee Engagement

  • Company Intranet: Facilitates easy posting of announcements, sharing news, and celebrating achievements, enhancing company culture
  • Employee Self-service: Our Employee App makes HR access effortless for employees, streamlining management of leave, claims, travel, and training, and offering easy access to important HR documents through an easy-to-use app.

Emspaced HRMS Packages


A first step to digitally transforming your human resources management starting from RM1.00/Per Employee Per Month for a Limited Time Only


A premium step to digitally transforming your human resources management starting from RM15.00/Per Employee Per Month

Why Emspaced HRMS?

Streamlined HR Operations & Payroll

Combines diverse HR tasks with automated payroll processing on a single cloud-based platform, ensuring both efficiency and compliance with legal standards. This integration simplifies HR management while guaranteeing accuracy in employee compensation.

Simplified Expense Claims

Offers an intuitive system for employees to easily submit and manage expense claims, significantly reducing processing time and improving operational efficiency. This feature streamlines financial management, making it straightforward for both staff and HR departments.

Flexible, Scalable Support for Dynamic Business Needs

Emspaced’s HRMS services are meticulously designed to be both flexible and scalable, accommodating the changing demands of your business. This adaptability ensures continuous operational efficiency and productivity enhancement, paving the way for sustained business development and success.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

IT Solutions

Emspaced enhances your growth with IT solutions and responsive support, including custom software development, strategic IT planning, cloud services, and cybersecurity, all complementing our coworking spaces to fulfill your tech needs.

Accounting Services

Maximise efficiency and growth with Emspaced’s targeted accounting services. Streamlined financial management to improve performance and facilitate business expansion.

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